The innovative mineral coatings

The innovative mineral coatings


  • A+
  • Zero VOC
  • Zero Formaldheyde and biocides
  • Zero Preservatives
  • Incombustible (reaction to Fire: Class A)

Years of research by Tullio’s laboratories and partners finally allow to bring to the market a totally new generation of painting solutions for the contemporary living spaces. Litos’ new collection of mineral coatings are today the newest solution to combine: the most charming esthetic result with the highest ecological standards and the best performances in terms of durability, transparency, washability and scratch resistance.

A totally new concept Litos coatings are derived from minerals - potassium silicate. They contain up to 95% of natural raw materials, with the other 5% made of inert binders and non toxic chemical products. The special and innovative formulation makes it possible for Litos to achieve:

- the highest transparency
- excellent hiding and cover capacity
- non toxicity classification: Zero VOC, Zero formaldheyde
- long durability
- extreme washability and abrasion resistance
- unmatchable luminosity
- easiness of application on wall, drywall and wood
- natural resistance to mould bacteria
- constant Co2 absorption and natural indoor air purification